(9) 626 E. Third Street

626 E Third"This was the site of the Scholler warehouse for farm machinery and at the alley hung a fire bell that called volunteer firefighters when they were needed. Ittel Realty now operates here."

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♦ Although this 1969 yearbook ad for Ittel Realty gives its address as 623 E. Third, the building matches the 626 E. Third building.


Bonnie said...

East of this building on the corner of 3rd and East Streets, was a house where Jacob and Gilbert Ittel first operated Ittel Realty. (Panda Restaurant is there now.) I worked there after-noons when I was a senior in 1955-1956.

Ainsworthiana said...

And Walker Printing was there too, right? I've got a few pictures of that house (if it's the same one you're thinking of) and I'm going to get them up on the Other Locations page soon. That was the Scholler house. I don't know why that location was not included in the original article, it seems pretty important.