(8.1) 634 E. Third Street

Panda restaurant, 634 E. ThirdThis location was not included in the original 1979 article, but I have a little information on it. Apparently William and Amanda Scholler built a home here, more or less across the street from the Scholler blacksmith shop (see Item 10 below). Later the house was used as a business office by Ittel Realty, then by Walker Printing, after which it was demolished. A small restaurant was built on the site, housing, among other enterprises, Downtown Chuck's and now (2011) the Panda restaurant.

Images (links open in a new window):
♦ A set of photos showing Walker Printing in the Scholler house, circa 1970.
Demolition of the Scholler house, date unknown.
Downtown Chuck's in 1981.


Aminta said...

My parents ran a store for my uncle Arlin's Cleaners in this house that also housed Ittle realty. It was also our home. We had two large bedrooms and one small one upstairs as well as the living room. The kitchen and only bathroom was on the main floor just off the cleaning store. An amazing old house with lots of history. I was truly sorry when I found out it had been demolished

Ainsworthiana said...

Thank you for the information! If you have any photos from that era, I'd love to get a copy.

Anonymous said...

it was a video rental store (Fan Club Video, I believe was the name) in the 80's