(82) 414 – 426 Main Street

414-426 Main"Two houses were on the west side of the 400 block of Main before Hendersons built their ice cream factory (416 Main St.) with a residence upstairs. Both buildings were razed and the Hobart City Hall (414 Main St.) built in the 1960s. The Nickel Plate Garage operated at 426 Main St."

Images (links open in a new window):
♦ The Nickel Plate Garage and Main Street, looking north from around the Nickel Plate tracks. The image is undated, but judging by the cars it's probably from the 1920s.
♦ The Nickel Plate Garage is at the far left in this image, which is undated, but I'm guessing circa 1930s. (And I admit to being perplexed as to what that structure immediately to the north of the garage is.)
♦ In this photo from 1962, you get just a glimpse of the Nickel Plate Garage in the background at right.
♦ The new city hall under construction in July 1967.
♦ The new city hall at center, and the Nickel Plate Garage partially visible at left in this 1967 or 1968 photo.
♦ In later years the former Nickel Plate garage was used by the town of Hobart to house the Street, Sewer and Sanitation Departments and town equipment. Here is a slideshow of the garage building before and during its demolition in the spring of 1968.


Anonymous said...

The building to the north of the Nickel Plate Garage is the Henderson Ice Cream plant. The towers on the roof are the heat exchangers for the freezing system

Ainsworthiana said...

Thanks for the information. I'm perplexed because I've also been told that the Henderson ice cream factory was the block building that eventually became the city hall/jail/fire dept. (there are a couple pictures of it in Item (6)), and that building was further north and west from the Nickel Plate garage than the building in the picture above appears to be. All very confusing.

Suzi E. said...

I remember that in the mid to late 1950's that 2 story brick building was Henderson's plant. The owners Bill and Anne Buchfuehrer lived in an apartment on the second floor. Perhaps it started out around the corner in the white building. Uncle Bill started out driving a delivery truck for Mr. Henderson. There is a picture of him in his truck at the HHSMuse.