(44) 100 block of Main Street, east side

100 block of Main east side"The Jarvis Roper home was built here in 1892. Just before St. Bridget Church bought the house for a convent, there was a beauty shop there. There were a number of small homes in this block. In one was a jewelry store and probably the post office (1881-1885). One home was used as a club house. The block is now covered by St. Bridget School (107 Main St.) with a filling station on the southeast corner."

Images (links open in a new window):
♦ The first St. Bridget Church, a frame building that opened onto Main Street some distance south of Front. (The postcard is postmarked 1908.)
♦ From May 30, 1909, three street scenes that include the old St. Bridget Church (the white building in the near background, behind the trees).
♦ The interior of St. Bridget Church; notes on the back of the original suggest this was the first St. Bridget. This photo is undated, but since August Haase was the photographer, it probably dates to circa 1902-1913.
♦ Scroll down a bit in this post for a view of the second St. Bridget's Church, with the Jarvis Roper home partially visible at left.
♦ The "filling station on the southeast corner" was Balash's Standard Service in 1968; by 1972 it was Zobel's Standard.

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