(36) 130 Center Street

130 Center"'The Caring Place' was built as a convent for St. Bridget Church and was rented to small businesses when the convent was moved. It was once the site of the Stocker, later the Jake Kramer, Jr. (130 Center St.), home."

Images (links open in a new window):
♦ The Stocker home in the background as a parade moves down Center Street, circa 1905.
♦ The Stocker home from the air, circa 1954-1963.
♦ The St. Bridget convent under construction in August 1967, with the Stocker home on its north side.
♦ A photographer aiming at something else caught the Stocker home through the trees in February 1968.
♦ The demolition of the Stocker home, May 27, 1968.

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