(23) 449 E. Third Street (building no longer standing)

Address unknown; Third Street"This small building has housed a taxi stand, an antique shop, and is now used by Hobart Hardware."

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♦ The Little Pioneer Studio, an antique store operated by Phillipa Dangremond, on August 2, 1968.


Bonnie said...

I easily recognize the building in the added photo and I remember waiting for taxis there many times. In the early 60s it was an employment agency owned by Bernice Nelson. She and her husband, a chiropractor I believe, built and lived in a house (where he also had his practice)on Rand Street for a long time.

Ainsworthiana said...

Thank you!!!! :) I've heard that the man who ran the taxi operation was named Ittel.

Bonnie said...

Yes, it was owned by Henry Ittel who was known as "Porky". I've been told he lived above Bates bar on Main St. and Bates left it in his will that if he died before Porky, Porky could continue to live there rent free until he died which is apparently what happened.