(69) 308 – 310 Main Street

308-310 Main"The next brick building was known as the Morton Building. Upstairs were living quarters and Dr. Morton had his dental office here. The store room downstairs has been an ice cream parlor, first Henderson's, then Fifield's and later Ellenberger's. Consumers Grocery Store was here and now it is Leon Gardner's Walgreen Agency. Dr. Storer once had offices upstairs."

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♦ Notes on this postcard, postmarked 1915, identify it as the Hobart Drug Store. From the signs out front we can see that the store also offered confectionery, soda, billiards, pool, cigars and tobacco.
♦ A 1957 yearbook ad showing the interior of Leon Gardner's Walgreen Agency; an undated photo of the drugstore's display window (with Bob Fowler standing in front of it).

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