(66) 339 – 341 Main Street

339-341 Main"Next was a two-story brick building put up by the Earle family. This was purchased by Attorney Ray Kostbade and remodeled to one story. Mrs. Charles Lee and Mrs. George Watkins had a restaurant here. Dr. Richard L. Mayer has his offices (341 Main St.) in the building with Abbott's Restaurant (339 Main St.) on the east side."

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♦ The caption of this photo gives the address of the Stevens Bakery and Lunch Room as "about 335 Main," but the building resembles the one that later housed the Christian Science Reading Room (see below in this list). The photo is undated, but judging by the women's fashions, I'd guess it to be just after the turn of the 20th century. This photo of the same location appears to be a few years later (1. Mate Stevens; 2. Irene Stevens; 3. Willard Stevens; 4. Cora Ragen (Mrs. Louis Maybaum); 5. Harriet Stevens; 6. Edith Busse; and 7. Lena Busse.)
♦ I have no information on the bakery/restaurant operated by O.J. Coppins, but, once again, the building it occupies resembles the Christian Science Reading Room (below), so I'm provisionally placing it here. Don't ask me why the Tabbert shoe store is next door. (Photo undated and I'm tired of guessing.)
♦ Handwritten notes on the original of this photo identify its subject as the "Christian Science Reading Room on Main Street" (undated; by general appearances I'm guessing, roughly, circa 1930). I suspect the photo shows the original two-story building at this location, but for the moment that's only a guess and further research is needed.
♦ A couple street scenes that happened to catch oblique views of Abbott's Restaurant in 1965 — from the north and from the south — and if you look carefully in this photo, you can see the Abbott's sign circa 1969. Abbott's neon window sign made it onto this site (scroll to the bottom of the page).
♦ Interior shots of Abbott's: the staff and owners in 1966; Sarah and John Abbott in 1968.

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