(61) 313 Main Street

313 Main"The next building, built by Stocker, was two stories with residences upstairs. Hobart Town offices were in rooms upstairs at one time. On the first floor was Murray's saloon, also Scheddell's Drug Store. Hartman operated a furniture store and later Herman Pflughoeft was in the furniture business here. When Schultz Brothers Variety Store first opened, the building was still two-storied but was later remodeled to one story."

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♦ A provisional placement: handwritten notes on the back of this photo read: "Mackey & Scheddel Drug Store/Dell F. Beach Jewelry Store/Hobart Ind./1909" but give no location; I hope that eventually more information will come to light that will allow me either to confirm that it belongs here, or to move it where it belongs.
♦ The building still had its upper story when this photo was taken in 1929.
♦ Schultz Brothers Variety Store in 1988.

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Suzi E. said...

In doing research for the Main St. project at the town's museum I have been comparing photos from the archives. I believe that the H.C. Piske store was originally at 313 Main. (See Stocker Block pics c. 1898 from the Gazette. This is presently the Dollar General building. The second story has been removed.) According to the Souvenir Edition of the Gazette, the store was relocated to the west side of Main early in the 20th century by Emilie Piske Manteuffel, and continued as Manteuffel Shoes. (Building now occupied by The Bright Spot Restaurant, address 332-334 Main.)