(58) 238 Main Street

238 Main"On the corner Vossberg's Clothing Store with residences upstairs was once Cully Swanson's General Store. John Fiester succeeded Swanson here and also ran a bowling alley and pool parlor in the basement. Then it was a drugstore and proprietors were McComber, Penneman, Mr. and Mrs. Dyche, Badanish and Scholl. Dr. Brink and later Dr. Ader, then Dr. Kraft had offices upstairs. In the rear was a building Leon Calvert used for his tin shop."

Images (links open in a new window):
♦ A circa-1907 view of this building from the west side of Lake George.
♦ Evidently Dr. Gordon also had an office upstairs in this building around 1909.
♦ An early-20th-century postcard that takes in the northwest corner of Main and Third.
♦ A circa-1940 view of Main Street that includes this building.
Two posts with side views of the 238 Main Street building.
♦ Around 1898, this building was occupied by the general merchandise establishment of Fiester & Killigrew.
♦ 238 Main Street housed the Fiester Ice Cream Parlor when this circa-1917 image was photographed.
♦ Dyche's Drugstore appears in this undated image at Third and Main Streets; here it is again in 1947, as a parade celebrating Hobart's centennial turns onto Third Street from Main. (Remodeling work on this building in September 2013 brought to light once again the old "Dyche Drug Co." sign on its fa├žade.)
♦ Inside Main Drugs in 1968.
This photo of the Rexall Drugstore is undated, but that car down on Third Street is a 1971 Buick LeSabre.

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