(48) 231 – 235 Main Street

231-235 Main"Lawrence Traeger's building was the next structure. He lived upstairs above his saloon. These rooms have always been used as a saloon. A small building north of the saloon has always been a lunch room. Some of the owners have been Mrs. Mitchell and her son, Harry, Rufle Lautzenhizer, Kenny and Emma Keilman and Elmer Kittredge. Eva Theodoras now runs G&E Lunch (231 Main St.)."

Images (links open in a new window):
♦ At left in this image we can see the saloon building described here. (The image is undated, and I know only enough to date it between 1890 and 1926)
♦ The sign marking the G&E Restaurant and Lounge, circa 1977.
♦ A 1982 ad for Rich's Lounge at 235 Main.
♦ A bad night at 235 Main (image undated).

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