(27) 109 – 111 E. Third Street

109-111 E Third"This large building was once a street car barn built in 1912, with a residence on the second floor. It is now owned and used by Boyd Construction Co. (109 E. Third St.) The Hobart License Bureau has a room in front (111 E. Third St.)."

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♦ A then-and-now post with an undated photo of the streetcar barn.
♦ Inside Boyd Construction in 1969.

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Ainsworthiana said...

This information was contributed by James M.:

"You may find the following of interest.

The Gary Street Railways car tracks terminated at the northwest corner of Third adjacent to Dyche's Drugs.

The track then ran over the Third Street bridge to where the divided secton of Third street begins. A spur to the left led to the car barn. The main track ran down the median of Third street to Ash. It then curved to the right about 45 degrees and crossed Connecticut and Pennsylvania streets. For many years there was a corrugated shelter at Pennsylvania. After crossing Pennsylvania, the track curved to the right passing the rear of the houses facing Pennsylvania. The track then followed the median of Washington St. across Ridge Road almost to the Pennsy tracks. It turned left and ran adjacent to what was then Route 6 all the way to Broadway in Gary. The intersection was at either 35th or 38th Avenue.

An unrelated factoid. There was a spur of the 'J' that ran behind Roosevelt school and crossed Third St. I believe it serviced an oil business."